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Global Brokerage Solutions offers a full range of customs brokerage and warehouse and distribution services for clients who need to move materials

Why Choose Global Brokerage Solutions?

we understand what matters to you: accurate US Customs brokerage to safeguard against delays and reduce the risk of penalties.

Our Vision

Be the critical link for those involved in the dynamic.

Our Mission

Provide a high quality logistics service to our customers through a professional, efficient and friendly staff, equipped with the most advanced information systems, allowing us to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.


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Our group of organizations covers all the services you need to successfully import and export shipping services.


We have experienced custom broker located in US. We will help you plan and report on your freight ship process for your company, ensuring you stay compliant with all codes and regulations, and have robust contingency plans for any changes in foreign trade.


We will help organize your freight ship process in an efficient manner that prevents errors and reduces times and costs. We will help you coordinate movement of your products through customs, storage, transportation, and distribution.


Our storage and handling team will manage the reception and coordination of merchandise from foreign suppliers, including customs clearance, labeling, loading, and transferring goods between our secure warehousing units.


We will help manage the delivery of your goods, including border crossing management.

Bonded Warehouse

You need to ship international goods to the US, but you aren’t planning to sell your products immediately, and you’re not ready to pay duty on the merchandise. In this situation, bonded storage may be the best option. Our customs bonded warehouses are facilities where imported merchandise can be stored for up to five years, duty-free. If the warehouse is operated by a private enterprise, as is the case with the warehouses managed by Global Brokerage Solutions, the proprietor must post a customs bond with the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency. The proprietor is liable for the bonded cargo until it is exported, destroyed under CBP supervision, withdrawn for use on an international aircraft or vessel, or withdrawn for commercial use in the US after the duty is paid.When you choose us for your storage, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your goods are safe and secure until you decide to export or withdraw them. You can also rest easy knowing that we can handle all the steps necessary to get your merchandise from a foreign location to a US warehouse. As a Custom House Broker Company, we can work out shipping logistics, communicate with ports of departure and entry, act as a liaison between your business and necessary government entities, and make sure your goods receive customs clearance.

Custom Clearence


For us it is always a pleasure to serve you. Contact us by phone or mail or visit us in our offices personally.

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